Thursday, 11 June 2009

What are the code and conventions?

Remeber, codes and conventions are the defining features of a Genre- they are what makes a media text what it is. With moving image texts (Tv shows and Films). Codes and Conventions can be an element of:
  • Mise-en-scene: Everything in the frame.
  • Narrative/Structure: Story.
  • Setting
  • Character
  • Theme: Ideas/Morals explored.
  • Sound: Digetic(in the world of the show) Non-digetic(Not in teh world of the Show)/
  • Cinematography: Camerawork.


-Putting in the scene. Basically everything you see in the frame.
  • Costume
  • Makeup
  • Facial Expressions
  • Props
  • Settings
  • Performance
  • Lighting

Textual Analysis.

Textual analysis is the process of breaking down a text into its various elements and studying them to analyse how meaning is created. When analysing moving image media (Such as film or Television). We must examine the following areas:

  • Camera work (shots, angles, movements)
  • Editing (how shots have been put togeather)
  • Sound (both digetic and non-digetic)
  • Special effects (if there any)
  • Mise-en-scene (Costumes, Makeup, Facial expressions, Props, Settings, Performance).

Camer Shots.

  • Wide shot/Establishing shot
  • Long shot
  • 3/4 shot
  • Mid shot
  • Mediun close up
  • Close up
  • Big close up
  • Extreme close up
  • Point of view
  • Over the shoulder shot

Camer Angles.

  • Low
  • Canted
  • High
  • Worms eye
  • Eye level
  • Birds eye/ Ariel

Camer Movements.

  • Crab
  • Pan
  • Tilt
  • Dolly
  • Steadicam
  • Hand-held cam

Textual Analysis of T.V Drama Title Sequences.

To perform textual analysis on a selcetion of Tv Drama title sequences.
To Consider The ways in which moving image texts communicate meanings.

To be able to plan and write a textual analysis essay on a Tv Drama title sequence.

Starter: what is th epurpose of a title sequence?
*Show what is in it/ Characters.
*Theme/telss something about teh sub-genre.
*Warning that the shows is about to start.
*Gives the show a recognisable identity.
*Can give you info on tone/style/pace.
*Period of time.

*Quite creepy.
*Lots of refrence to blood by him cutting himself when shaving, cutting meat and oranges up.
*Putting his top over his head make you think of Suffercation.
*He looks Like a Scitzo with light on one side of his face.
*Everuday routine.
*Creeoy music- ironc upbeat.
*Scalpel to cut steak- Maybe he's a surgeon.
*Shows potenttial weapons.
*Contrast between shots.

Close Analyse.
Notes on editing, in Dexter.
*Arm slapping then the tile.
*Lots of jump cuts.
Dexter titlle of series shows after he open his eyes maybe to shwo he's awoken and ready to start his day.
Jump cut from one blood spot to another 2 maybe to create more drama and tense.
Lots of jump cuts add mystery and addiction making you ask questions.
Shows him locking the door maybe to show he's locking away secrets.

T.V Dramas; Sub-Genres.